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Having Trouble Signing On?

Sign On Help

For Banking and Credit Card Customers

If you're having trouble signing on, you can reset your password here. You'll need your credit card or ATM/debit card.

If your credit card account has been linked to your ATM/debit card, please enter the ATM/debit card number.

If the credit card account you are inquiring about has been linked to your ATM/Debit Card, you will need to input your ATM/Debit Card number and not your credit card number.
ATM or Credit Card

For Mortgage Only Customers and Customers without a Banking or Credit Card Account

If you have a mortgage with Citi and don't have a banking account or credit card linked online, you can use your email address to locate your User ID or reset your password.

Please provide the email address that is currently associated with your online account.
Mortgage Email ID