Manage Your Credit Card Services & Account ? Citi Simplicity® Card
  • Manage your account

    Whether you want to manage your account, set up automatic payments or get personalized text alerts, the easy-to-use account management tools below make it simple to change your Citi Simplicity® card credit card services..

  • Start with Citi Online.

    Sign up, and you can pay your bill with a few clicks, and access statements and recent transactions 24/7. You may even request a credit line increase or perform a balance transfer online in minutes.

Explore our easy-to-use account management tools

  • Automatic Account Alerts

    Alerts keep you informed and stress-free. Once you've set up alerts, we'll remind you about your balance levels, payments due, or when you go over your credit limit, by email or directly on your mobile phone.

  • Due Date Option

    Choose to pay your Citi Simplicity Card bill in the beginning of the month to help with budgeting, or have it coincide with your paycheck - just call customer service at 1-866-696-5673 and choose the day that works best for you.

  • Make Online Payments

    With Online Bill Pay, you can securely pay your credit card bill online at your convenience and get same-day crediting as long as your payment request is received by midnight ET.

  • Additional Cards

    Getting additional cards is easy. Just call the number on the back of your credit card. Please allow 3 weeks to process your request.

  • Paperless Statements

    Receive monthly statements online only and get instant access to your last 12 statements in PDF format. Less paper in the mail means less chance of your sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands. Just register or sign on to Citi Online to start receiving Paperless Statements.