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    Small Business Financing

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    Finance Your Business Needs

    Every business is fueled by cash—whether it's to finance new equipment, staff-up or move into larger premises. That's why Citibank offers the credit products you need, when you need them.

    Citibank® Business Credit Account (Line of Credit)

    A Citibank Business Credit Account is a line of credit that can be used for expected and unexpected expenses. From managing account receivables to building inventory to taking advantage of that surprise'll be prepared.

    Citibank® Business Credit Cards

    Business credit cards allow you to gain access to short-term financing to fund your business needs.

    Business Loans for the Long Term

    Citibank® Business Installment Loan

    Perfect for buying equipment, expanding operations, or other large investments—you'll get both a competitive rate and the predictability of a fixed schedule.

    Commercial Mortgage

    Ready to purchase or refinance a commercial facility? With a Citibank Commercial Mortgage, predictable fixed-rate payments make it easy to manage your budget.