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    Our Global Presence

    Mexico United Arab Emirates Russia China South Korea Singapore Vietnam Thailand Taiwan Philippines Malaysia Indonesia India Hong Kong Bangladesh Colombia Peru Brazil Chicago, IL Northern California Southern California Texas Florida Central Eastern Europe Northeastern United States Central America

    Global Presence

    Global Presence

    Tap into Citibank's global Commercial Banking expertise for guidance on doing business overseas.
    (Find a regional representative by simply rolling over a section on the map.)

    Northeastern United States

      Stamford, CT

    • Stephanie D Pierce
    • John V Raleigh
    • Thomas J. Linehan
    • Robert J Porwick

      Boston, MA

    • Donna J Barry
    • Nathan E Pusey

      New York, NY

    • Richard C Saybolt
    • Ritta Y Lee
    • George P Bader
    • Glen Celentano
    • Peter F Olnowich

      Brooklyn, NY

    • Eileen V Thornton

      Hauppauge, NY

    • John S Madigan

      Long Island City, NY

    • Michael Warrington
    • Elliot Lubitz
    • Dennis Nochowitz

      Uniondale, NY

    • Julia Zinkowski
    • John Burke
    • Daniel F Fitzpatrick

      Short Hills, NJ

    • Robert Lemaire
    • Elizabeth T Perricone

      Mount Laurel, NJ

    • Christopher P Warren

      Philadelphia, PA

    • Robert E Colton
    • David Gorenberg

      Washington D.C.

    • Jane Navarria
    • Joseph W Knott
    • Farida T Mistry

    Southern California

      Los Angeles, CA

    • Hillary Savoie

      Irvine, CA

    • Allen Armamento Ilano
    • Patrick M Evans

      Glendale, CA

    • Ruben A Lucero
    • Scott Crisp
    • Robert J Phillipps

      Encino, CA

    • Maureen Nunnari

      Carlsbad, CA

    • Kirt D Tisdale

      Fresno, CA

    • Collene M Greenlee

    Northern California

      San Francisco, CA

    • Gerard C Barredo

      Redwood City, CA

    • Robert S Shoffner


      Dallas, TX

    • Steve P LaFredo
    • Yousuf Omar

      Houston, TX

    • Stephen H Oglesby
    • Faith Allen

      College Station, TX

    • Chris R Koop

      Midland, TX

    • Bobby Norman


      Chicago, IL

    • Joseph J Wolff
    • Eric Itambo
    • Ted Kopczynski


      Miami, FL

    • Lorgia M. Roberts
    • Sohail M Kothari
    • Francisco Gonzalez
    • Ricardo Aizenman

      Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • Holly Poore

    Central America

      Central America

    • Bob Coons

      Costa Rica

    • Gonzalo Lourido
    • Website

      El Salvador

    • Jose Roberto Preza Urrutia
    • Website


    • Horacio Leyva Madrid
    • Website


    • Andres Ricardo Herrera
    • Website


    • Jose Luis Noriega Leon


    • Gonzalo Lourido


    • Francisco Abreu
    • Helcius Pereira
    • Luciana Ronchi


    • Cesar Gonzalez
    • Ernesto Oechler

    United Arab Emirates

    • Gaurav Mehta
    • Anand Nagaraj


    • Kanti Kumar


    • Andre Potro


    • Wong Kok Seong


    • Erwin Yamsuan


    • Karen Tan

    South Korea

    • Eui-Yong Choi


    • Betty Yen


    • Apisit Rientipjareon


      North Vietnam

    • Nguyen Phuong Anh

      South Vietnam

    • Nguyen Linh

    Central Eastern Europe

      Czech Republic

    • Jan Firda
    • Miroslava Barcalova
    • Website


    • Ekaterina Komarova